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About Us

Roheline Laine OÜ has been operating since 2002, offering claims handling and 24-hour emergency services in the Baltic Sea region and around Europe. Some of the best known brands that use our services are SOS International, ERGO, Seesam, Gjensidige Baltic, PZU, Swedbank, DNB, LHV, Mercedes-Benz, Jeep, Lancia, Citroën, Hyundai, KIA and Iizi.

Our mission is to offer insurance claims handling and 24-hourround-the-clock emergency service of the highest quality in the region. We are a typical white-label company, which means we are the subcontractors to large brands and most end users of the service have no idea that we are actually the ones offering them help.

In 2008 we established a subsidiary in Latvia called Green Wave Latvia SIA, due to which we are able to offer a reliable, high-quality service throughout the Baltic region. We are the only company in our field that is independently active in more than one of the Baltic States, thanks to which the number of clients who appreciate standardised, first-rate service is increasing every year in the region. We are happy to say that we are the market leaders in our field and have the widest reach in terms of services, capacity and geography.
Since 2009 Roheline Laine OÜ has held the ISO 9001:2015 quality management certificate, which proves that our activities are focussed on providing excellent service and that in order to maintain the trust of our clients and business partners we follow specific quality standards.

In 2015 the leading Baltic business newspaper Äripäev acknowledged Roheline Laine OÜ as a company that is developing rapidly and that had increased its turnover by more than 50% in three years. This acknowledgement – as a ‘gazelle enterprise’ – has been given to less than 1% of companies in Estonia.

Roheline Laine OÜ knows that it takes more than fast and efficient emergency service and claims handling to make the world a better place. Since 2012 we have been supporting the charity programme Märka ja Aita /Notice and Help/. The aim of this project is to support children aged 2-10 in public education in Tallinn who have lost a parent (due to an accident, alcohol or other reason) or who are in a seriously difficult situation for other reasons and who need material help to continue participating in normal studies.

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